DepEd  REGION IV-CALABARZON Division of Laguna
Personnel Unit

Division of Laguna

Provide all Filipino children with the basic skills, knowledge, values they need to become caring, self-reliant, productive and patriotic citizens.
Filipino Learners who have faith in God, belief in and respect for himself and others, have a deep sense of nationalism, intellectually and culturally equipped, morally upright, physically fit, disciplined and adaptable to meet the demands of highly diversified environs, truly committed to preserve ecological balance.

To provide universal access to quality and relevant education through formal, informal and non-formal channels.

         The Division of Laguna has been honestly working hard and has remained steadfast and focused on its commitment to deliver better educational services. In fact, it has continuously received honors, citations and recognitions from regional and national competitions.
          In spite of this, the Division ranked 152 out of 186 divisions from all over the country as revealed by the most recent National Achievement Test. This striking reality, though, does not dampen the spirit of the Division of Laguna. It serves as a wake-up call to everyone in the education community. It is clear then that everyone must work doubly hard in order for the division to reach its optimal potentials.
          As stressed in the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP 2004-2010). education is the right of every Filipino. It is a key investment that can break the Filipino's seemingly endless cycle of poverty, and provides the people, particularly the youth with more opportunities for improving their quality of life.
         Taking this into consideration, the Division of Laguna continued implementing viable DepED thrusts and Programs to sustain the positive gains it got previously and worked on the remaining strategic issues in the areas of early childhood education, alternative learning system, SPED and multi-grade classes to mention a few.
          The Division of Laguna is on the right track in order to support the attainment of Medium Term Development Goals. It shall continue to have more positive gains in the years to come.